Sunday, 23 June 2013

Spending review for 2015-16

• On Wednesday, George Osborne is due to announce £11.5bn of cuts for 2015-16 by outlining plans for limits on previously uncontrolled parts of the public finances, such as housing benefit. Unemployment benefit and state pensions are unlikely to be affected.
> Telegraph

• Vince Cable is refusing to accept deep cuts to his departmental budget without a guarantee of billions in funding for job-creating capital projects. The business secretary is arguing that the coalition must have "a strong story to tell on growth" to run alongside its tough message on slashing the budget deficit and balancing the books by 2018.

• Progress towards agreeing reduced 2015-16 budgets with Whitehall departments has been slowed by an attempt to win hundreds of millions of pounds extra for the Government's Troubled Families programme, led by Louise Casey.
> Independent