Saturday, 15 June 2013

99 weeks to go ... and you bet we're counting

Voters go to the polls nearly every week in different parts of the country, with the results pored over by election strategists for signs of which way the political wind is blowing. 

This week, Labour's Steve Battlemuch won a landslide victory at a council by-election in Wollaton West - wiping out the last remaining Tory stronghold in Nottingham. Nottingham South is a must-win marginal for the Conservatives. However at Walkergate, in Newcastle, the Conservatives scored 27.2%, coming second and slashing Labour's margin of victory by two-thirds.

Labour clung on to Woolston, a Southampton City seat, by 133 votes from UKIP, with the Tories 27 votes further behind in third place. The ward is in marginal Southampton Itchen, currently represented in the Commons for Labour by former cabinet minister John Denham.

Labour gained Kirklees Borough, West Yorkshire, from the Tories, on a swing from Conservative to Labour of 7.4%.

BBC News