Saturday, 29 June 2013

Armed Forces Day: Ministers break promise to exempt military families from Bedroom Tax

2013 No. 665

"[Section] 7. Policy background 

7.3  In response to concerns raised ...

• People who are approved foster carers ...

• Adult children who are in the Armed Forces (including the Reserve Forces) but who 
continue to live with parents will be treated as continuing to live at home, even when deployed on operations. This means that they will continue to be treated as 
occupying the room if they intend to return home."

So said the explanatory memorandum on government website with regards to members of the Armed Forces and the Bedroom Tax. Only for us to find out, three months later, that the government has changed its mind. According to the Mirror, it now says that soldiers’ homes stop being their main residence once they have moved into barracks, meaning their families are being hit with the bedroom tax as they are deemed to have “spare” rooms.

But then we should have realised the exemption was too good to be true - it was published on April 1st 2013.

Happy Armed Forces Day!