Sunday, 28 June 2009

it certainly was.

Thursday, 25 June 2009


and the world's children breathe again.

Monday, 22 June 2009


by Beau Bo D'Or

Saturday, 13 June 2009



ms blears's apology made me cringe as, with minimal make-up for impoverished effect, she begged the people to let her stay in her job. she does not deserve the privileged position of representing a section of great britain's population, a smaller sub-section of which went on to elect nick griffin on to the european stage.

by walking out of her job, ms blears betrayed the prime minister, the government, the labour party, its members, all those people who voted her into parliament and every person in her constituency.

ms blears behaved like a precocious child and should not only resign as an MP but should be ejected from the party.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009



On Monday morning the far-right BNP won two seats in the European Parliament. The far-right leader, Nick Griffin, won a seat in the North West region. Earlier, Andrew Brons, another BNP politician, won in the Yorkshire and Humber area. This means that two fascist extremists will be sent to Brussels to represent the views of British people. I know the good people of this country will join me in stating unequivocally that the BNP’s racist agenda is not – and never will be – representative of our fair and just country.

Firstly, a brief history lesson. The BNP was founded in 1982 by John Tyndall, the former Chairman of the National Front and an Adolf Hitler fan who claimed "Mein Kampf is my bible". In the intervening years the BNP has run hate campaigns abusing non-whites, non-Christians, homosexuals and espoused policies calling for the forced expulsion of all immigrants. Effectively advocating ethnic cleansing, a practice defined in international law as a "Crime against Humanity". Nick Griffin has been BNP leader since 1999 and has, somewhat successfully, sought to change the party image. White supremacist and non-white expulsion policies have been reworded as 'voluntary repatriation schemes for immigrants'. The wording has changed but the objectives remain. Pretty words cannot hide an ugly truth. This is a fundamentally racist organisation that seeks to gain popularity and legitimacy by offering simplistic answers to a swathe of complicated issues.

Whether it be employment, housing or health the BNP's answer is always focused on the colour of someone's skin. Nick Griffin may tell you that the party has changed, but if he is not a racist why did he join such an organisation in the first place? He says they seek to defend the interests of Britain. That is an outrageous statement; many of our older residents fought in World War II to combat the evil Nazi ideology. It is in that very same despicable ideology where the BNP finds its roots. Nick Griffin and many of his BNP lieutenants have actively denied the holocaust. Six million Jews died, a devastating war was fought and Nick Griffin says the gas chambers did not exist and it was "an extremely profitable lie"!

I for one do not seek to deny that immigration must be controlled - it does. But why would we drain our nation of the wealth of talent that controlled immigration can bring, be it in the NHS, our service industries or elsewhere. We as a nation have always welcomed newcomers and with proper controls we have benefited enormously in consequence. What I know is that immigration concerns need intelligent responses, not the ignorance and intolerance offered by the BNP. Every person is an individual and should be judged upon their character and choice of action not the colour of their face. The BNP is a vile organisation, Nazism in the 21st century and I hope everyone in our communities will join me in condemning its presence in our country.

Many questions arise, such as do members of the BNP have the right to speak their mind? Well, yes . . . per se; that is the very freedom that was protected by fighting the Nazis. Provided that they stay within the law then they are certainly entitled to speak their mind.

But of this I am certain: whatever the question is, the BNP will never be the answer.