Sunday, 24 February 2013

King Rat deserts the sinking Tory ship

The Sunday Times reports that Lord Ashcroft has had enough of flittering away his money on his beloved Tory party and will withhold funding for its next general election campaign.

"Lord Ashcroft, whose finances played a crucial role in Tory efforts to win marginal seats in 2010, has told friends he has given enough money and is unwilling to devote further resources to securing an overall majority in 2015. It comes amid mounting pessimism among Tory supporters about the prospects of victory. Although Ashcroft has not publicly expressed doubts over the party’s ability to win, privately he is said to fear Labour is likely to secure more seats. A source close to Ashcroft said: “He feels he has done his bit.” "

Perhaps he doesn't like the anti-tax avoidance/evasion rhetoric coming from Downing Street. 'Lay off that, boys, and I'll see what spare change I have come the election.' Watch said rhetoric disappear fairly sharpish. Oh, and look ye hear - there's a budget coming up. Convenient. Never mind using your considerable wealth and influence to reverse the inequalities in this country, you just go ahead and sponsor the Tories to widen the gap between rich and poor even further.

Bankrolling the Tories - now there's an honourable pastime.