Friday, 28 September 2012

Revealed: David Cameron's ignorance

'He went, he smirked, he was thoroughly humiliated. It was never supposed to turn out like that for the PM Big Dave. What does Magna Carta mean, asked David Letterman, the king of late night TV in the United States. Britain's shame-faced prime minister didn't know. But then this was nothing more than poetic justice. 

For just a couple of months ago, Cameron quite literally turned his back on an opportunity to learn everything that there is to know about Magna Carta at a special private exhibition painstakingly prepared by the London Metropolitan Archive at London's Guildhall. When he was about to be introduced to the document, with experts standing by to answer his every question, Cameron's response was to spin on his heel with a curt "I've seen that" and go into a corner to play with his iPhone. "It was breathtakingly rude," said one witness. And costly. Poor Dave. Oh dear.'

Hugh Muir, Guardian