Saturday, 10 December 2011

What Europe is saying about Britain

"From the concept of habeas corpus to the BBC, from Elizabethan poetry to John Le Carre, from rock to the invention of the Sixties, from London springtime concerts to Wimbledon, via Liverpool FC. So many things do we hold dear from across the Channel ... But Germany, France and the majority of the other EU member states were right, at daybreak on Friday 9 December, to say No to London." Le Monde, France

Dave Brown, the Independent

"No sooner did David Cameron cross the entrance to the council, on the occasion of the 8 December summit, than the sky over the negotiations darkened. He had one aim: to protect British interests." Le Figaro, France

"What's the point of keeping this country in the EU? The British people should put pressure on their government to quit. Maybe the British would do better without the EU. Europe will definitely do better without the UK." Yvan Duvant, writing to the BBC from Olargues, in France

"The British manoeuvre [means] that London now finds itself outside, on the margins of Europe. The first European Council session in Brussels, which should have solidified and perhaps even resolved the euro crisis produced instead, after 11 hours of tense and at times dramatic talks, a deep division between member states." Il Sole 24 Ore, Italy

"All of continental Europe goes forward, leaving Britain behind - towards a common fiscal policy, rules that will govern finance, work and business. Cameron finds himself alone." Luca Gaballo, RaiNews24, Italy

"There is an obstacle to Europe and it must be overcome. It's not Germany. Right now, the main obstacle is Britain. And this dirty game that the British are playing - wanting to stay with one foot in and one foot out of Europe - risks collapsing the entire system. London must be either in, or out. But they simply cannot sabotage everything." Massimo Riva on Repubblica TV, Italy

"They're splitting Europe. Great Britain has acted in an unconstructive way. 'Unhelpful' as they say in English." Carl B Hamilton, Liberal People's Party MP, Sweden

"If you're not ready to abide by the rules, you'd do better to keep your mouth shut." Elmar Brok, Christian Democrat MEP, Germany

BBC News