Monday, 22 August 2011

Who designed France's new football shirts?

Ok, the story goes that Nike won the contract from Adidas back in 2008, when France were half-decent and had just enjoyed a hugely successful ten years. But since then, France walked out of the World Cup and their players were all banned from playing for France, by their own country, for a year, making them an international laughing stock. 

This is Nike's first ever kit for France and it's the most expensive football kit of all time - however, I don't think it's going to do much to stifle the laughter. It cost Nike around €300m (€42m per year until 2018) to buy the rights to dress the French team with a swoosh. But who the fuck designed the shirts? Apparently Karl Lagerfeld launched the kit but had nothing to do with the design of them - or at least he's not admitting to it and who can blame him.

The blue home shirt looks more Azzurri than Puma's Italy shirt and what's with the ridiculous little collar?!

As for the away kit, surely it wasn't Gaultier, was it? Or rather, Topshop does Gaultier. It doesn't look too bad on, say, Antoine Griezmann (below) but I can't wait to see it on the likes of N'Zogbia or Diarra or even Ribéry. Querelle de Brest he ain't!

Does anyone know who the designer was?