Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Many of these U-turns are for the better, however that does not disguise the fact that the policies were ill-conceived in the first place. Time after time, this calamitous coalition has announced off-the-cuff policies that have been poorly researched and hastily proposed with scant regard for the impact of their implementation.

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1.  NHS Direct 'not being scrapped' - http://bit.ly/lAdTjv

2.  Government confirms re-think on school sport funding - http://bit.ly/mtyFFH

3.  Downing Street rejects child milk scheme cut suggestion - http://bbc.in/k1NoGE

4.  Sale of forests in England scrapped - http://bbc.in/jCmqmT

5.  Plans to grant anonymity to rape case defendants scrapped - http://bit.ly/ketJd1

6.  Government backtracks on Bookstart - http://bit.ly/j1AvuP

7.  Housing benefit cap to be postponed until January 2012 - http://bit.ly/iIrrD1

8.  Government admits defeat on immigration target - http://bit.ly/lU5nHV

9.  Military covenant to be enshrined in law after months of criticism - http://bit.ly/mQKfUC

10. UK coastguard station closure plans 'scaled back' - http://bbc.in/lE0VHs

11. Government 'abandons' plans for weekly rubbish collection - http://bit.ly/mveDsv

12. Cameron tears up Ken Clarke's "soft" sentencing policies - http://bit.ly/iFGA0a

13. David Cameron denies 'humiliating U-turn' on NHS - http://tgr.ph/kryKEU

14. Treasury backtracks on Danny Alexander's pension reform plan - http://bit.ly/lVocDX

15. Ken Clarke forced to abandon 50% sentence cuts for guilty pleas - http://bit.ly/iz4qZA

16. Key localism reform axed from Bill - http://bit.ly/iMIg5l

17. BBC World Service receives government funding boost - http://bbc.in/iQsaGN

18. Ministers scale back coastguard closure plans further (see 10) - http://tgr.ph/opfqyK

19. Ministers accused of DNA database U-turn - http://bbc.in/nbvRvY

20. Grant Shapps backtracks on two-year tenancy limit - http://bbc.in/r6IboJ

21. NHS launches bowel cancer campaign after U-turn over advertising - http://bit.ly/qjflEn

22. Minister unveils revised cuts to UK coastguard centres - http://bbc.in/rAhSll

23. Clarke U-turn over scrapping of chief coroner - http://bbc.in/rwrfh1

24.  Youth Justice Board saved from quango cull - http://bbc.in/sEhtNq

25. Labour's future jobs fund revised and reinstated - http://bit.ly/tj42nf

26. Mobility benefit for people in care homes to stay - http://bit.ly/tH3rCc

27. Rethink on £26,000 benefits cap - http://ind.pn/w68nWz

28. Government in new climbdown over benefit cap - http://ind.pn/xYZRBM

29. American-backed private universities plan dropped - http://tgr.ph/xhQ8Zc

30. Means testing of suspects held in police stations dropped - http://bit.ly/A4bHKV

31. Cameron in U-turn over fiscal policing of eurozone - http://bit.ly/ws3cw7

32. Ministers drop benefit sanctions threat from work experience scheme - http://bit.ly/AkXTia

33. Legal aid U-turn for babies and domestic violence victims - http://bit.ly/x9IHoj

34. NHS redundancy costs force government u-turn - http://bit.ly/I1oQXH

35. Cameron halts compulsory green deal policy on home improvements - http://bit.ly/I1oobT

36. U-turn opens up legal aid to domestic abuse victims - http://ind.pn/I0QXXE

37. U-turn signalled over no-notice inspections for schools - http://bbc.in/JaVuqU

38. Government forced into U-turn over Royal Navy fighter jets -  http://bit.ly/K3V9E4

39. Cable forces Tory U-turn on workers' rights - http://ind.pn/Kt6ZWD

40. George Osborne backs down on pasty tax - http://tgr.ph/KAw59E

41. Secret courts bill U-turn fails to silence critics - http://bit.ly/KYBmpF

42. Buzzard capture plans abandoned after 'public concerns' - http://goo.gl/RPTdg

43. Tax relief limit on charity to be axed - http://bbc.in/KMe47Z

On 1st June, HMRC redefined the U-turn. We have therefore redefined our brief to include "clarifications".
44. HMRC clarifies landfill charges after row over 'skip tax' - http://bit.ly/KxuVwR

45. Government cancels planned 3p fuel duty increase - http://bbc.in/MmNFB6

46. David Cameron is now prepared to consider an EU referendum - http://bit.ly/Njho8L

47. Coalition abandons crucial vote on reform of House of Lords - http://bbc.in/RWXjtW

48. A14 to become first existing road to exact toll under coalition plans  - http://bit.ly/LBXgUq

49. Cameron retreats on House of Lords reform - http://bit.ly/OJSHbV

50. Government prepares £2m green deal publicity campaign - http://bit.ly/OPm4bt

51. U-turn on money for elderly care - http://ind.pn/NCYXPA

52. U-turn on curbing payments to victims of minor criminal assaults - http://bit.ly/TL898j

53. U-turn on plans to force cancer patients to actively seek work - http://bit.ly/UeV2wo

54. David Cameron "reconsiders" £140 state pension reform - http://bit.ly/V819C6

55. West Coast main line rail contract halted in shock move - http://bit.ly/Vf52Id

56. Energy policy chaos as Cameron's 'lowest tariffs' row deepens - http://bit.ly/RX2CZT

57. Badger cull postponed until 2013 - http://bit.ly/TvXO2C

58. Number 10 backtracks on section 106 pledge - http://bit.ly/Tw0sFm

59.  Treasury to defer planned increase in fuel duty - http://bit.ly/UDVu4g

60. David Cameron forced into U-turn on flood defence spending cuts - http://bit.ly/192rk7n

61. Disarray as child care tax break is put on hold - http://bit.ly/VOdb5G

62. Government retreats from plan to help families with childcare - http://ind.pn/XfK9bi

63. More cash for Tory shires after revolt - http://bit.ly/10JoCQB

64. Michael Gove forced into U-turn on GCSE replacement plan - http://bit.ly/14TqqWs

65. Mary Seacole to remain on the Curriculum - http://ind.pn/11ttnOL

66. Nuclear power: ministers offer reactor deal until 2050 - http://bit.ly/136eOvA

67. Osborne forced into U-turn as borrowing forecast fails - http://bit.ly/15yQsyK

68. Government scraps private finance plan for Crossrail trains - http://reut.rs/Xtrfl0

69. NHS private sector climbdown a 'humiliating U-turn' - http://bit.ly/W2r8gS

BONUS: Just one day in the life of this coalition of clowns -  http://bit.ly/YbPgKz

70. Bedroom tax 'in chaos' after IDS announces exemptions - http://bit.ly/YYwAy0

71. Government to shelve plans for minimum price on alcohol - http://ind.pn/16pQUzF

72. Tory ‘U-turn’ on devolution - http://bit.ly/14nIBFi

73. Eric Pickles amends home extension plans - http://bbc.in/11mGwGg

74. Caste discrimination to be outlawed by Equality Act - http://bbc.in/ZG3rwa

75. Cameron drops foreign aid pledge - http://bit.ly/18lZdgX

76. Clegg says nursery ratio changes are being scrapped - http://bbc.in/11rUqru

77. Child heart surgery reform suspended - http://bbc.in/17GMMOm

78. Government rethink over level of difficulty for disability benefit claims - http://ind.pn/13R8eMr

79. Michael Gove redrafts new history curriculum after outcry - http://bit.ly/19c2jao

80. Speed limit rise for motorways hits the brakes - http://bit.ly/14parxQ

81. Grayling signals legal aid climbdown over 'client choice' - http://bit.ly/18qZpO2

82. Gove abandons plans to drop climate change from curriculum - http://bit.ly/15kwMim

83. UK plans for plain cigarette packaging to be shelved - http://bit.ly/18du6Hf

84. Post-Olympic arts festival plan dropped - http://bbc.in/18dufdD

85. Minimum unit price for alcohol proposal shelved - http://bit.ly/12HItz9

86. Home Office backs down over 'go home' vans after legal complaint - http://bit.ly/17jBk7l

87. Government U-turns on criminal justice pledge - http://bit.ly/1bAq6hQ

88. U-turn on legal aid price competition - http://bbc.in/1fAvlyh

89. Government to amend lobbying regulation plans - http://bbc.in/19CKKfn

90. Plan to divert benefits of troubled families scrapped - http://bbc.in/15y4SCm

91. 'Epic U-turn' as Cameron announces GPs to provide 7-day service - http://bit.ly/19k4x0Z

92. Ministers u-turn on slimmer standards regime - http://bit.ly/163Izop

93. Anger over government U-turn on 15-minute care visits - http://bit.ly/15WSJVy

94. Visitor bond scheme to be scrapped by government - http://bbc.in/16XAuNf

95. U-turn over retired miners' fuel allowance - http://itv.co/18AHrEr

96. Payday loans U-turn represents 'intellectual collapse', says Ed Miliband - http://bit.ly/1966bV8

97. U-turn could result in plain packaging on cigarettes by 2015 - http://bit.ly/17WMvWG

98.  Mark Carney forces George Osborne into U-turn - http://bit.ly/1aXZ857

99. Coalition reverses policy of growth in higher education sector - http://bit.ly/1ik95zo

100. Plan to use tolls to fund A14 improvements abandoned - http://bbc.in/1cjIJs7

101. Defence procurement privatisation plan axed - http://bbc.in/1gmd0Kn

102. Why the sudden Tory U-turn on the minimum wage? - http://bit.ly/1eQWL5O

103. Tories ditch pledge to let voters sack their MP - http://ind.pn/Mh1Wl4

104. Giant NHS database rollout delayed - http://bbc.in/1cVYy5D

105. David Cameron drops plans to ease fox-hunting restrictions - http://bit.ly/OVZNNg

106. U-turn over human rights protection for home care - http://bit.ly/QIYmCd

107. Cameron ditches foreign aid pledge - http://dailym.ai/1pA36WZ

108. Ministers intervene to prevent relaxation of checks at Passport Office - http://bit.ly/1jlR0wo

109. Land Registry privatisation plans abandoned by ministers - http://bit.ly/Woo1n4

110. Cable announces abandonment of student loans sale - http://bit.ly/Wooc1B

111. David Cameron in humiliating U-turn as he deploys Royal Navy flagship to save drowning migrants - http://bit.ly/1bmEO0R


This list does not include pre-election promises and manifesto pledges, many of which were torn up as the coalition agreement was written.

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