Thursday, 13 January 2011

NatWest telephone scam

I have just received an unannounced telephone call from NatWest, informing me that I had been upgraded to a NatWest Gold account. I told the gentleman that I had only recently arranged to be downgraded from a Gold account to a Blue account as I was no longer prepared to pay £8.25 a month or thereabouts for the pleasure of receiving benefits that I have never used.

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Indeed, with the Blue account I had the advantage of free mobile phone insurance, that wasn't offered with the Gold account so it was win/win as far as I was concerned. This account has been running along nicely up until this call and when I told the caller this and queried why I had been upgraded without being consulted, he changed his story and claimed that he said I had been approved to be upgraded. 

Be careful, therefore, if you receive a similar call because you will find they are selling you a more expensive bank account. This at a time when people are finding it hard enough to pay their bills, while having to watch the bankers make a mockery of our austerity by taking home billions of pounds in bonuses.

Shame on you NatWest, shame on you.